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Web app for dropshippers

The Client wanted to create a web app for people who sell products online (dropshippers) to show them the most popular products and calculate the potential profits. DATAFOREST designed and built the web app from scratch, creating high-load scraping algorithms to extract data from different eCommerce marketplaces, developing AI algorithms to calculate profits, and integrating the payment system with various functionalities.


hourly users

1,5 mln+

Shopify stores
Web app for dropshippers case image

About the client

The Software company that provides solutions to eCommerce store owners

Tech stack

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Challenges & solutions


Develop from scratch a responsive web-native app with sign-up functionality (user and admin parts).

Collecting and analyzing product/seller data from AliExpress/Alibaba.

Integrate data with FB and TikTok.

Build a system to calculate subscriber profit and product statistics based on various factors and indicators.

Mapping and displaying the best-selling product data within the app design (description, price, competitors, product ratings, etc).

Integration with the payment systems.


Designed and built a mobile responsive web app with user and admin parts.

Built high-load scraping algorithms for extracting data from AliExpress/ FB/TikTok.

Developed scrapers that get competitor product data from Shopify stores.

Developed AI algorithms that calculate for users the main economic indicators and profit margins.

Developed payment system integration with various subscription functionalities.

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If we experience any problems, they come back to us with good recommendations on how the project can be improved.

Josef G. photo

Josef G.

CEO, Founder Software Development Agency

Steps of providing web applications services

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Web development discovery

In the initial stage of the web-based development project, professional business analysts make detailed documentation of the project requirements and the approximate structure of the future web application. DataForest is a custom web application development agency, guided by extensive experience in multiple industries. We give you detailed project documentation and then assemble the team according to your time and budget.
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UX and UI design

Based on your wishes, the needs of your target audience, and the best web application design and development practices, our UX and UI experts create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface for your app to satisfy even the most demanding users.
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Web-based application development

At DataForest we are following the best programming design principles and approaches. Being a data engineering company, we build high load platforms, with a significant level of flexibility and result orientation. We keep our deadlines and follow SOC 2 compliance requirements.
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With DataForest, integrating the application into your business won’t stop your processes for a minute. We provide seamless integration with your software infrastructure and ensure smooth operation in no time.
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Quality assurance

We use a multi-level quality assurance system to avoid any unforeseen issues. Working with DataForest, you can be confident that your web app development service solutions arrive to the market polished and in full compliance with all certification requirements.
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24/7 support

Once a product is released to the market, it’s crucial to keep it running smoothly. That’s why our experts provide several models of post-release support to ensure application uptime and stable workflows, increasing user satisfaction.
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Web app continuous improvement

Every truly high-quality software product has to constantly evolve to keep up with the times. We understand this, and therefore we provide services for updating and refining our software, as well as introducing new features to meet the growing needs of your business and target audience.

Success stories

Check out a few case studies that show why DATAFOREST will meet your business needs.

Data parsing

We helped a law consulting company create a unique instrument to collect and store data from millions of pages from 5 different court sites. The scraped information included PDF, Word, JPG, and other files. The scripts were automated, so the collected files were updated when information changed.
14.8 mln

pages processed daily

43 sec

updates checking

Sebastian Torrealba photo

Sebastian Torrealba

CEO, Co-Founder DeepIA, Software for the Digital Transformation
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Data parsing case image
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These guys are fully dedicated to their client's success and go the extra mile to ensure things are done right.

Store heatmap

The electronics retailer, wanted to improve their sales and customer service by analyzing the flow of people into their stores. We created a system using Machine Learning, image detection, and face recognition. The system tracks visitors' movements and the most viewed shelves and products. This information helps the store to focus on selling popular products and to avoid unpopular ones, ultimately improving the sales process.

increase in sales


dead zones removed

Jared D. photo

Jared D.

CEO Consumer Electronics Retail
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Store heatmap case image
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DATAFOREST provides meaningful shopper-behavior Insights. They are very responsive and effective, trying to engineer and offer the best fit solution.

Operating Supplement

We developed an ETL solution for a manufacturing company that combined all required data sources and made it possible to analyze information and identify bottlenecks of the process.

supplier integrations


cost reduction

David Schwarz photo

David Schwarz

Product Owner Biomat, Manufacturing Company
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Operating Supplement case image
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DATAFOREST has the best data engineering expertise we have seen on the market in recent years.

Mailing Platform

We created a mailing platform that helps a multi-faceted union to send information about events, opportunities, and grants to all its member companies. The platform stores information about all member companies and makes it easy to send messages to the right people at the right time. This helps member companies to stay informed and improves the union's ability to support the country's businesses.

CX boost


cost optimization

Gonzalo Ramos photo

Gonzalo Ramos

Partner Trade Union
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Mailing Platform preview
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DATAFOREST is reliable in delivering quality solutions. Besides, they demonstrate effective project management and communication despite working remotely.

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