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DevOps as a service compounds the solution for companies that need the outlined services but don’t want to hire a full-time worker. This way, one’s business would always get the required assistance when needed, while at all other times, there wouldn’t be any expenses for the employee who doesn’t have work to do.

Our DevOps services teams aim to make your development lifecycle more efficient, making sure that feature delivery, fixes and updates deploy in alignment with your timeline. We’re highly specialized, and there to support you in any point of your transformation across a variety of platforms and hosting solutions.

What we do for clients:

  • Multiple daily on-demand deployments;
  • Lead time for changes (code commit to production) and MTTR less than 1 hour;
  • Change failure rate 0-15% (5x less than low performers);
  • Degree of automation: 65% of testing, 70% or more for configuration management and deployment;
  • Spending 21% less time on unplanned work / rework and 44% more time on new work than low performers.
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