Dashboards, reporting, end-user self-service, advanced visualization, and data warehousing are the top five most important technologies and strategic initiatives in recent years.

Executive Management, Operations, and Sales are the three primary roles obtaining benefits from applying business intelligence or custom dashboards.

DataForest team is ready to organize data flow, clear your data, structure it, find all the essential connections, and, finally, present it in the form you find convenient.

Some facts about data visualisation and business intelligence

  • Companies in the top three spots in their industry that rely on data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% profitable than their competitors.
  • The total volume of data gathered by businesses across the world is estimated to increase two-fold every 1.2 years.
  • 89% of business leaders believe that big data will revolutionize business operations, just like the Internet did, making investments in business intelligence critical to process this vast volume of data.

Deliverables for clients:

  • A modular and flexible data analytics foundation that evolves with business needs;
  • Future-proof architecture that will accommodate new data sources and downstream applications and uses;
  • Democratized data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics through business-driven data sharing, lineage, quality, security, and governance;
  • Tailor made reporting systems that bring business insights.
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