Unstructured data is one of the greatest troubles an evolving company faces. Having a number of sources that generate divergent data, one can hardly think about the way of collecting, standardizing, and transferring the outlined information to the place of destination. Luckily, the ETL pipeline can take all the jobs and complete them shortly.

ETL, standing for Extract-Transform-Load, is a self-explanatory service that does the monotonous work of making a processable material from the raw data one has collected. It is an essential step in getting your statistics built, as soon as information from marketing tools, APIs, in-soft statistics, forecasting calculations all comes if different shapes and formats that have to be unified before being used. ETL pipeline automates the work, providing you with quick results and releasing your workers from hours of dull job.

Deliverables for clients:

  • API creation and integration;
  • Screen and web scraping;
  • Data transformation;
  • Data normalization.
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