Machine learning (ML) and AI used to be exclusively about productivity and cost. By using Data Science techniques Dataforest Digitise your business making it more scalable and flexible. ML and AI help companies to optimize business processes, create unique market position and increase client time value.

Some facts about AML and AI

  • ML and AI will increase business profitability by 38% and boost economies by generating $14 trillion of additional revenue by 2035;
  • 71% of executives consider AI and ML as the major game-changers that will disrupt both exiting business models and the way we interact with technology;
  • 20% of C-level executives admit using machine learning or AI as an integral part of their businesses.

Deliverables for clients:

  • Forecasting models;
  • Recommendation systems;
  • Advanced chat bots;
  • Natural language processing;
  • Computer vision;
  • Sophisticated data analysis;
  • Classification and clustering models.
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