Making ordinary tasks easy and quick is the merit of natural language processing. It opens the possibilities for speech recognition, on-the-go language translation, voice search – it generally broadens the capabilities of the hardware, which gets closer and closer to satisfy the smallest needs users carry.

Implementing natural language processing is an essential step for great companies that care about the convenience of employees and/or users. While voice search brings the quality of the UX onto the next level, the speech recognition and a virtual assistant eliminate the need to spend time on simple tasks, that, totaled up, can eat the great part of one’s workday.

In DATAFOREST, we use the latest instruments for NLP, like Google Speech API, combine them with Machine Learning models, and create products that can instantly change the way your company operates. Language processing is the next step of business digitalization, and you’d want to hop on the train before your competitors do.

What we do for clients:

  • Chatbots';
  • Sentiment analysis;
  • Data normalization.
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