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Enhancing AI with Management & Monitoring Solutions

Enhancing AI with Management & Monitoring Solutions

Is your business grappling with the performance of your AI models over time? We provide tools and services for the ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance of AI models.



The dynamic nature of data and the evolving business environment need AI models that, once trained, do not automatically adapt to new patterns and changes in the data.


TensorFlow for model training, Kubernetes for deployment and scaling, and Prometheus for monitoring and alerting.


Maintaining the performance of AI models over time leads to consistent and reliable insights and better decision-making.


A US-based e-commerce company used this solution to maintain the performance of its recommendation system, resulting in a consistent 20% increase in sales.

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Healthcare provider

A European healthcare provider implemented it to ensure the accuracy of its patient risk prediction models, leading to a 30% improvement in patient outcomes.

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Financial institution

A global financial institution used it to maintain the reliability of its fraud detection models, resulting in a consistent 40% reduction in fraudulent transactions.

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