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Data science

Our data science experts have extensive experience in data engineering and solving complex business challenges. We help you make data-driven decisions, improve the customer experience, and more. Get the most out of data mining, machine learning and other DATAFOREST data science services.

Data science professional services include 

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Predictive analysis

We bring you value by extracting insights from historical data. Our forecasting models can help you with improving Sales, Inventory and Process management. What is more, empower your Marketing and User Experience by applying product recommendation engines and buyer behavior prediction.
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Optimization models

We help various industries with resource optimization. It helps increase the management efficiency of leftover stock goods, improve supply chain and logistics, and allocates time and other resources. 
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Machine learning & AI services

At our data science agency, we build a variety of machine learning algorithms tailored to your business needs. We use ML and AI technologies to find ways to improve real-time data operations, customer experience, and company internal processes.
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Risk management

Our data science company provides scoring, fraud and anomaly detection solutions to predict and protect your business from third party attacks and unexpected data loss.
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Data science as a service

DATAFOREST data science as services allows you to get the most out of analytics, deep learning, insights finding, and more without building your data science competencies within the company. 
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Natural language processing

Our developers provide NLP tools for your business to help you gain more from the data with Text extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification. In other words, we can parse PDFs, extract key topics, understand clients’ intent and make a structure from your unstructured text.  
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BI & data visualization

Visual charts, tables and dashboards allow you to understand the information collected from various data resources at a glance. Catch your insights with DATAFOREST.  
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Customer profiling

We determine your ideal client profile based on the data you possess. We increase the performance of your advertising campaigns and sales by targeting the most motivated leads. 
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Data science consultancy

Use our data science consulting services to learn how you can benefit from the data. What would be most relevant to your business now, and how to smoothly implement data science solutions into your existing system. 

Industries that benefit from data engineering solutions providing

Industries that benefit from data engineering solutions providing

Success stories

Find out how our data science services have impacted clients’ business performance.

Demand forecasting

We built a sales forecasting system and optimized the volume of goods in the warehouse and the range of goods in different locations, considering each outlet's specifics. We set up a system that has processed more than 8 TB of sales data. These have helped the retail business increase revenue, improve logistics planning, and achieve other business goals.

forecasting accuracy


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Andrew M.

CEO Luxury Goods Retail
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I think what is really special about the DATAFOREST service is its flexibility, openness, and level of quality and expertise.

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The electronics retailer, wanted to improve their sales and customer service by analyzing the flow of people into their stores. We created a system using Machine Learning, image detection, and face recognition. The system tracks visitors' movements and the most viewed shelves and products. This information helps the store to focus on selling popular products and to avoid unpopular ones, ultimately improving the sales process.

increase in sales


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Jared D.

CEO Consumer Electronics Retail
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DATAFOREST provides meaningful shopper-behavior Insights. They are very responsive and effective, trying to engineer and offer the best fit solution.

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Reasons why DATAFOREST is worth to be your data science company


Qualified team

DATAFOREST’s team has extensive experience working with high-load systems and big data in various industries. We advise you on your request, identify the problem, create a custom solution to meet your specific needs, and add value to your project.

Cooperation and flexibility

Our project manager assigned to your team regularly informs you about the current work status and ensures smooth cooperation. We are reliable partners and offer comprehensive support and maintenance of the created products.

Reviews and feedbacks

The general principles of our work are trusting cooperation, flexibility of approaches and processes, and achievement of the desired result. Read customer reviews of projects on Clutch, GoodFirms, and Upwork.

The way we
deal with your

task and help
achieve results

How we help companies?
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Free consultation

It's a good time to get info about each other, share values and discuss your project in detail. We will advise you on a solution and try to help to understand if we are a perfect match for you.
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Discovering and feasibility analysis

One of our core values is flexibility, hence we work with either one page high level requirements or with a full pack of tech docs.  

In Data Science, there are numerous models and approaches, so at this stage we perform a set of interviews in order to define project objectives. We elaborate and discuss a set of hypotheses and assumptions. We create solution architecture, a project plan, and a list of insights or features that we have to achieve.
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Solution development

The work starts with data gathering, data cleaning and analysis. Feature engineering helps to determine your target variable and build several models for the initial review. Further modeling requires validating results and selecting models for the further development. Ultimately, we interpret the results. Nevertheless, data modeling is about a process that requires lots of back and forth iterations. We are result focused, as it’s one of our core values as well. 
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Solution delivery

Data Science solutions can be a list of insights or a variety of different models that consume data and return results. Though we have over 15 years of expertise in data engineering, we expect client’s participation in the project.  While modeling, we provide midterm results so you can always see where we are and provide us with feedback. By the way, a high-level of communication is also our core value
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Support and continuous improvement

We understand how crucial the solutions that we code for our clients are! Our goal is to build long-term relations, so we provide guarantees and support agreements. What is more, we are always happy to assist with further developments and statistics show that for us, 97% of our clients return to us with new projects.

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