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Advanced Computer Vision Systems for Business Automation

Advanced Computer Vision Systems for Business Automation

Is your business challenged by the need to manually interpret visual data? We develop AI solutions that automate the action of it.



Increasing volume of visual data generated in various business operations and the limitations of manual processing. The need for real-time processing makes it challenging for traditional methods to handle.


OpenCV for image processing, TensorFlow and PyTorch for building machine learning models, and YOLO (You Only Look Once) for real-time object detection.


Automation tasks that rely on visual data increase operations' efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Manufacturing company

A US-based manufacturing company used it to automate quality inspection, reducing defects by 20%.

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Retail chain

A European retail chain implemented it for inventory management, improving stock accuracy by 30%.

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Security firm

A global security firm used it for surveillance, resulting in a 40% increase in threat detection.

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