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Voice of the Employee Analysis

Voice of the Employee Analysis

Do you wonder why your employees leave or seem unhappy? Our solution uncovers insights into employee satisfaction, pinpoints areas of concern, and reduces turnover rates.



It’s your business' very own happiness barometer. It tunes in to your employees' vibes, helping you understand what makes them tick and what might be causing them to hit the road.


The solution combines sentiment analysis, machine learning, and data processing to analyze employee feedback, surveys, and data sources.


You’ll get retention rates, enhanced workplace culture, and a more motivated workforce, leading to increased productivity and reduced recruitment costs.

Tech company

A U.S. tech company implemented Voice of the Employee Analysis to identify workplace concerns, directing to targeted improvements and a 10% reduction in employee turnover.

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Retail chain

A European retail chain used the solution to gain insights into employee satisfaction and make strategic changes in management practices, resulting in a 15% increase in employee engagement scores.

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Healthcare provider

An Australian healthcare provider leveraged it to understand factors affecting nurse satisfaction and reduced turnover by 20% through changes in support programs.

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