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Employee Performance Analytics

Employee Performance Analytics

Have you thought about assessing the performance of your employees? We analyze data on employee performance, allowing retailers to identify areas for improvement.

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It is a performance dashboard for retailers, providing a comprehensive view of employee activities and effectiveness.


We set up data scraping mechanisms, integrating performance data sources, creating performance metrics and KPIs, and implementing analytics tools and dashboards to generate actionable insights.

For What

It streamlines workforce efficiency, elevates customer satisfaction, and boosts sales by ensuring employees operate at their best.

A large retail chain

A large retail chain uses such a solution to identify top-performing and underperforming stores. They analyze retail sales data, customer feedback, and employee work hours to pinpoint stores that need improvement.

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An online retailer

An online retailer employs it to optimize the customer service team. They track response times, issue resolutions, and customer satisfaction scores.

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A department store

A department store uses employee performance analytics to optimize its sales team. They analyze sales data, customer interactions, and employee performance metrics.

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