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Business Intelligence and Reporting for Insurance

Business Intelligence and Reporting for Insurance

Are you annoyed by obtaining timely and actionable insights from your insurance data? We gather, process, and visualize it to provide insurers with clear and up-to-date insights.

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It's a system that gathers and processes all your data to provide clear, detailed insights into operations and performance.


We build a robust data infrastructure, designing data models, and implementing reporting tools and dashboards to access, analyze, and visualize data in a user-friendly and customizable manner.

For What

It tracks policy sales, claims, customer satisfaction, and financial health, enabling insurers to spot opportunities and issues quickly.

GEICO (United States)

GEICO (United States) uses business intelligence and reporting to analyze customer data, track policy sales, and improve claims processing efficiency. It fine-tunes their marketing strategies.

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Lloyd's of London (United Kingdom)

Lloyd's of London (United Kingdom) uses the solution to assess risk across their complex insurance market. It monitors market trends, identifies emerging risks, and ensures financial stability.

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Allianz implemented it by creating a centralized data platform that consolidates data from various sources, providing customizable dashboards and reports to its teams across Europe.

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