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From Chaos to Control — Insurance Back-Office Transformation

From Chaos to Control — Insurance Back-Office Transformation

Do manual and paper-based processes in your insurance back-office stress you out? We overcome them by automating routine tasks, digitizing document workflows, and streamlining operations, leading to cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced error rates.

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It turns cumbersome paperwork and manual processes into streamlined, efficient digital workflows.


DATAFOREST implements automation software, integrating with existing systems, creating digital workflows, and providing user-friendly interfaces for insurers to transition from manual to automated processes. We also integrate customer portals to facilitate policy inquiries, claims processing, and communication.

For What

It's about becoming a modern, agile company. It reduces costs, speeds up processes, and enhances customer service by freeing employees from repetitive tasks.

Progressive (United States)

Progressive (United States) uses digital transformation to automate underwriting processes, speeding up the policy issuance and approval process and making it more convenient to get auto insurance.

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Aviva (United Kingdom)

Aviva (United Kingdom) employs the solution to streamline claims processing. It reduces the time for settling claims, making the experience smoother for policyholders.

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AXA implemented it by digitizing claims processing, automating policy issuance, and integrating with customer portals. It reduced manual effort and improved processing times.

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